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It's an unfortunate fact but someday we will all pass away. When that day comes, the people who have prepared their estate by utilizing wills and/or trusts could be more secure and could better protect that family nest egg than those without such legal protections.

  • Wills provide a customized set of rules for how your estate should be administered upon death.

  • Trusts allow you to transfer assets to certain parties, while the assets can only be accessed by beneficiaries under certain circumstances.

  • Power of attorney is an important element to your estate. Choosing the right person to act on your behalf and make critical decisions for you is imperative.

Understandably, people may be confused about what they should do in regards to wills, trusts or their powers of attorney. There are a lot of intricate issues to consider when you are drawing up a plan for how to distribute all of the valuables you have accumulated in your life. Preparation and legal representation are two of the best ways that anyone can adequately address their estate, and with The Law Office of Tara Brown, you can rest assured knowing you have an experienced lawyer on your side.

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